Exactly 20 businesses will learn how to soar to new heights.

Exactly 20 businesses will learn how to soar to new heights.

Austin, Texas February 26 2018


The worldwide Wizard of Ads ® Partners will be at your side, helping you every step of the way. (The only thing you have to do is move quickly enough to be 1 of the 20 people who will be in the room with them.)

Austin, Monday, February 26

Spend a day working on your business with Roy H. Williams and the Wizard of Ads Partners.

You'll leave with a custom-designed playbook for the last ad campaign your company will ever need.

This isn't a lecture. It's a workshop.

And at $1,500 it's miraculously affordable.

Roy will briefly speak twice before lunch and twice after lunch, each time giving you detailed instructions about what to do next. You'll have a Wizard of Ads partner at your side. You – or the partner assisting you – will present your work just prior to a delightful lunch and then again at the end of the day.
What You'll Get

Why We Can Back it Up

11 Years Ago

We taught an earlier version of AdTalks to a group of small business owners – most of whom were doing less than a million dollars a year – and several of that group went on to do amazing things. The class was called “Boom Your Business.” This video of encouragement was recorded by a couple of people who were in that class 11 years ago…

Helping Small Businesses Become Big

Listen as Roy, Tim, and Ryan talk to small business owners about why it's worth the trip. How does the Wizard of Ads solve marketing problems from a different angle? Who should come? Who shouldn't come? And why do this in the first place?

Follow instructions and you'll leave Austin with these 3 things:

1: A document that clearly articulates the values and culture of your company.

1: A document that clearly articulates the values and culture of your company.

Internally, this will be a tool for the recruitment, inspiration, and management of employees. Externally, it is an important tool for customer bonding.
2: A list of recurrent themes and phrases for which you and your company will become known.

2: A list of recurrent themes and phrases for which you and your company will become known.

You'll use these on your website and on the telephone, in all your printed materials and in your emails, in conversations with customers, and most certainly in all your advertising.
3: A master ad script to launch it all.

3: A master ad script to launch it all.

This can be tweaked and used as a radio script, a direct-mail letter, an email, an online video script and/or as website copy. Message planning is what we'll be doing together. What we won't be doing is media planning.

When your message is strong, every media works. When your message is weak, no media works.

Come to Austin. Let's work on your message.

Roy H. Williams

P.S. – At the end of our day together, the Wizard of Ads Partners are going to host you to an amazing celebration dinner. We like to be together. And we'd like you to be with us.
Admission to AdTalks Austin


Monday, February 26, 2018
9:00AM - 7:30PM 


We've privately booked the famous Wizard Academy in the hills of Austin. A hotel conference room this is not.

Wizard Academy
16221 Crystal Hills Dr
Austin, TX 78737


Lunch, dinner, wine and beer are included.
Lodging is not included.
One person admitted per ticket.


Sorry, advertising professionals will not be admitted to this event.

Refund policy

What People Are Saying

Bottom line, you guys (and gals) rocked the show; far exceeded my expectations and I am a raving fan of the WOA partners! If anyone needs a testimonial when deciding on whether or not to invest the time/money to attend have them call me (no email, they'll never hear the excitement in my voice when I tell them about the experience)......... calls only. Value far outweighs the costs!

– John Kelly, Kelly Lumber Company

It took me 22 years to attend my first Wizard Academy event - and it was worth it! ...The talks were awesome, but the time to speak to the experts one on one was most valuable. I know this will be a game changer as I grow my business!

– Travis Thomas, @LiveYesAnd

I really enjoyed the small venue and that it was a working meeting. It’s nice to attend a workshop and leave with something in hand that can be implemented. Most of all, I enjoyed the time talking with so many talented individuals. Thank you!!

– Nancy Jones, Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake

One of the best aspects of the event was hearing from the participants with their various projects. It was interesting to see the changes as the day went on and how the overall concepts were developing. This is a very good format to get started with using the systems and processes developed by the organization to help people with their advertising efforts.

– BJ Barone, 41 West

What an incredible experience! No super egos, bad attitudes, or TLBs. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Ad Talks. Anyone who takes their success seriously should attend.

– Doug Winbigler, Amish Originals Furniture Co.

Jake, the whole event was awesome!! Working with Adam and Peter was a pleasure!! And as always, hearing Roy lay out what does and does NOT work was mesmerizing. (I think I’m finally getting it… ;-)

– Patrick Sullivan Jr., Jigsaw Health